Vision Board | Monthly ♡

Vision Board | Monthly ♡

Hello my loves! 💌 Due to the great amount of love and support you gave me as a new digital artist in this wonderful community, I'm giving you as a Valentine's Day gift a digital vision board that is compatible with all your devices and digital note-taking apps! 💗

This vision board covers January-August 2024, because I'm currently designing a digital planner (still in progress) that will include not only this part but also many functions to help you organize throughout your day! 🌷

*This version is free*

Download Explanation:

Below, you have to click on the link I provide and it will take you directly to Google Drive. Inside the folder I shared with you, there are 2 files: 1 pdf file and 1 zip file

  • PDF file: it's the general way to import documents to your app (without having to be an iOS), you just have to import all the pages of this pdf into your app.
  • ZIP file: if you have an iOS (apple devices) you can directly import this file into GoodNotes, Notability or any digital note app you have.

Vision Board (Download here)


A little sample! 📄✨

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