I just paid for the product but I have not received the download option anywhere.

Normally, it is one of the most common problems if you are an iOS user, since we tend to download things from Google Chrome and not from Safari. I recommend using the latter to download digital goods in case there is an error.

Can I use an Android device to download your products?

Yes effectively! You can use both Android and iOS to download any product that you like. Applications like Goodnotes, Collanote or Evernote and even importing downloadable files via email can be used without problem.Other Android apps: Noteshelf and Xodo.


Do you accept returns or exchange?

Unfortunately, digital downloads cannot be returned in the same manner as physical products. We do not consider any refund.

I have problems receiving products and/or download links.

If you are in this case, it is recommended that you send your email address again, and see if there is a possibility of sending it to you that way.

Somehow or other, I just lost the download option and despite having paid, I didn't get the product! What can I do?

Sundaywithsage has come to the rescue! No worries at all, I am happy to offer you as many times of downloads as you want and I will send it to you in the most convenient way you find. You just have to contact me via email or in the Contact Forum indicating your personal data and your order.

When do I usually receive my order?

There is no exact time frame for this as all downloads are digital, so you will have it in your hands immediately! If there is any unexpected error, do not hesitate to contact me and let me know so you can receive the order as soon as possible.

If you still have any questions or anything else to add, please let me know!

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